I’m not the “New Year’s Resolution” type, however, I respect that it is a nice driver and motivator for others. The most common resolution I see is “I am going to lose weight”, in some variation. It is an intimidating hill to climb. Easy to quit, easy to give in to food temptations, easy to... Continue Reading →


We’ve all experienced it.  We all grow older every day.  Some of us grow wiser, some of us stronger, some in size.  Sometimes we have moments where we realize it, most of the time we do not.  As a parent, you see substantial growth on a weekly basis in your children.  You see your spouse... Continue Reading →

She’s Got A Way.

She’s got a way.  Twelve years a couple, four years married and two beautiful children later, she’s still got that thing. Haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but there is something about her that brings out this feeling in me that can only be described as whole.  I’m not talking about anything... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t Ready.

“I’m not ready.” “I’m thinking Addy will be an only child.” “What if she doesn’t get the attention she deserves?” “We have such a great dynamic, why disrupt it now?” “I’m not feeling going through the baby stage again.” “I just can’t imagine splitting up the love between two children.” “I’m just not ready.” Excuses,... Continue Reading →

You Sure Are Something.

Love. It started like a storybook. Two love-birds - high school sweethearts, actually - with a strong desire to build a family. Your mother and I, two newlyweds without a clue of how to care for you until the day you came to us. A void we didn’t know needed filling. A sense of accomplishment,... Continue Reading →

There Is A Cloud.

There is a cloud. It is big, dark and powerful. It follows me. It controls my thoughts, sweeping in with hurricane force on the brightest of days. It is there when I am on the road, when I am on the job, even when I am home with my wife and two little girls. It... Continue Reading →

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